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Roast Levels

Roast Level: FAQ

Light Roast (Light City, Half City, Cinnamon)

Preserves the coffee beans natural aromas and flavors.  Brighter flavor and acidity.  Low or light body, tea like.  Dry texture.  Higher quality coffees are roasted light because of the unique profiles from origin.  Higher quality coffees will also have a lower defect count giving a cleaner cup.

Medium Roast (City, American, Breakfast)

Preserve the coffee beans natural aromas with less acidity and brightness with higher body and sweeter flavor.  Balanced acidity and body.  Prefered roast in the United States.

Dark Roast (Full City, Vienna, French, Italian)

No trace of origin remains.  Very low acidity and heavy body.  Darker the coffee goes the more bitter it becomes.  Dark Roasting covers up defects so many commerical roasters use low quality beans in dark roasts.

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