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Coffee starts at the farm.  Factors like soil, water, sun, and altitude contribute to the characteristics the coffee bring to your cup
The roaster will roast the beans to a specific roast level.  The simple terms used are Light, Medium, and Dark Roasts which are used to manipulate the acidy and body in the beans that will be extracted.
Other factors such as how the coffee is ground and method of extraction is important in extracting the right levels of total dissolved solids from the coffee to get that AWESOME CUP!!!

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The Story of Dan Man Coffee

Dan Man Coffee is a passion project turned into a thriving business, born out of a simple yet powerful mission: to bring high-quality coffee to coffee lovers at affordable prices.  What sets us apart is our commitment to the art of small-batch roasting, where precision and care are at the heart of every batch.  Unlike large commercial roasters, we believe that the magic lies in the details, ensuring that each bean is roasted to perfection to unlock its full flavor potential.  At Dan Man Coffee, we take pride in offering a superior coffee experience that rivals the best in the industry, all while maintaining a sense of approachability and affordability for our valued customers.  Join us on a journey of exceptional coffee that is crafted with the expertise of a small roaster and the passion of true coffee connoisseurs.

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